Composite Fillings

Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, CA

Preventive care is your best defense against cavities. However, when tooth decay does occur, a filling is the best option to repair the minimal damage. At Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, we use metal-free composite fillings that are made of durable resin and color matched to look identical to your natural teeth.

Fillings are used to replace and restore the structure of your teeth due to damage from tooth decay.

What to expect during treatment

After getting your mouth numb, the dentist will remove any decay and tooth structure that has been damaged. Then, the affected area is thoroughly cleansed, and then the composite material is bonded directly to the tooth. A special curing light is used to set the material. Finally, the restoration is shaped and polished, making the filling virtually invisible once the process is complete.

Why is composite better?

Because a composite filling is bonded directly to the tooth, unlike traditional amalgam or metal fillings, it will last longer than its metallic counterpart. Also, the dentist can preserve more of the tooth’s natural structure, unlike when using amalgam fillings, which is due in part to the fact that composites are bonded directly to the teeth. Plus, composite fillings contain no amounts of mercury, like the old silver fillings. Since composite material is biocompatible, you do not have to worry about the fillings causing any harmful effects to your health.

Composite fillings, what’s the cost?

The initial cost for a composite filling is typically higher than the cost of an amalgam or metal filling. However, we believe in maintaining a metal-free environment for the safety and health of our patients. Nowadays, many dental insurance plans will cover a portion of the cost for a composite filling.

If you have a cavity and are in need of a filling, or you would like to have your old amalgam or metal dental work replaced, then contact our office in Scotts Valley by calling (831) 438-4411 to schedule an appointment.

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