Should you get a Crown to Repair your Tooth?

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Dental crown

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Dentists will usually recommend a crown, also called a cap, if a patient has a tooth that is cracked, broken or decayed beyond the ability of a filling to repair it. Dental crowns can be made from various high-quality materials, including metal and/or porcelain. Just as their name implies, they […]

What’s Making you Snore?

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what makes you snore

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Nearly 37 million people in the U.S. snore regularly. Are you one of them? How about your partner or a family member? Snoring is a sign that your body isn’t getting enough air while you sleep. Additionally, it disrupts your sleep cycle, which is why obstructive sleep apnea sufferers often […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Santa Cruz Family Dentist

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questions to ask dentist

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Do you have an upcoming dentist appointment? If so, it’s always worth the time to sit down and make a list of questions you may have had for our family dentist in Santa Cruz since your last appointment six months ago. In the event you haven’t thought of questions to […]

What Kind of Treatments do Cosmetic Dentists Provide?

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cosmetic dentist

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA If you’re thinking about upgrading your smile, cosmetic dentistry is an excellent choice. Whether you want to brighten your smile or need a complete smile makeover to address multiple aesthetic concerns, our Scotts Valley cosmetic dentists can help. But you may not know where to start or how to go […]

How to Treat Chronic Headaches Without Medicine

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treat headache without medicine

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Just about everyone experiences headaches from time to time. The occasional headache usually is nothing serious. Headaches can often be caused by dehydration, stress or lack of sleep. In these instances, you can probably handle your pain with some combination of over-the-counter medications, rest and drinking water. However, what if […]

Am I Too Old to have my Tongue-Tie Treated?

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fix tongue tie

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA On the underside of your tongue resides a thin strip of tissue that tethers the tongue to the floor of the mouth. However, in some individuals, this tissue, referred to as a frenum, is too thick or short. In these cases, the frenum restricts the tongue’s movement, which is known […]

Why do I get Headaches when Playing Video Games?

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headache playing video games

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Video gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Playing video games is common among social gatherings, and can be played online or solo. You may find pleasure in gaming during your spare time. But do you ever experience headaches while playing video games? If so, you shouldn’t ignore it. Today on the […]

Make a Better First Impression with Cosmetic Dentistry

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better first impression

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Whoever said you never get a second chance to make a first impression obviously never had a smile makeover! A smile is usually the first thing someone notices about another person. It’s the universal sign of happiness, friendliness and approachability. A beautiful smile can help you feel much more confident […]