Does Mouthwash Replace Flossing?

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does mouthwash replace flossing

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Mouthwash is an excellent addition to your at-home oral care routine. It can provide multiple benefits to your tooth enamel and gums beyond brushing alone. On the other hand, flossing is a standard practice that should be included in your oral care regimen. To explain things in more detail, our […]

Are Stress and Canker Sores Related?

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stress and canker sores

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Discovering painful lesions in your mouth can be concerning, especially when you’re unsure of the cause. Canker sores form in soft tissues under your tongue, along your inner lips, or on the cheek walls. These small round abrasions may have a white or yellow hue but are generally harmless and […]

Does Lack of Sleep Affect your Mental Health?

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snoring and mental health

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Every day, people all over the world wake up and feel unrested. According to the CDC, more than one in three Americans struggle with sleeping regularly. Even though adults aged 18 to 60 should get a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night, many fail to do so and […]

The Connection between Tongue Ties and Sleep Apnea

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tongue tie and sleep apnea

Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz CA Do you know what a restricted lingual frenum is? This phrase is the technical term for a tongue tie. This occurs when the lingual frenum—also known as the band of tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth—is either too short or too thick. Approximately 10% of babies […]

5 Ways to get your Sleep Schedule Back on Track after Summer

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sleep schedule

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA People tend to be more active during summer. Perhaps it is the longer daylight hours or, the warmer weather beckoning you to attend social gatherings late into the evenings. Young adults and teens often do away with their usual sleep routine, staying up late and sleeping in the next day. […]

Is there a Natural Solution to Treating Headaches?

Categories: TMJ/TMD
natural headache relief

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Starting your day with a headache can have you reaching for relief in your medicine cabinet as soon as your feet hit the floor. However, when you experience daily headaches, it can seem impossible to focus and get through the day, especially when over-the-counter remedies fail to work. In most […]

How to get Better Quality Sleep to Boost your Energy and Focus

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quality sleep

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Navigating life with low energy levels could feel like an uphill battle, even when it comes to simple tasks. Unfortunately, an inability to focus can compound your frustration and make things more difficult. For some people, consuming a dietary supplement, energy drink, or coffee is a regular occurrence when they […]

12 Reasons Straight Teeth Matter

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
straight teeth matter

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Every year, millions of Americans like you seek orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. No matter what method of orthodontics you choose, you’re left with a great-looking smile, and that’s just one of the many benefits. Your Scotts Valley dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry want to explore 12 reasons having straight […]

Finding the Best Implant Dentist in Scotts Valley

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implant dentist

Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz CA More people are choosing to receive dental implants to replace their missing teeth. According to a recent article on, the number of Americans with an implant is expected to increase to 23% by 2026. If you’re living with a missing permanent tooth, an implant represents the best option to […]

How a Tongue-Tie can Affect your Child’s Overall Health

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tongue tie affects childs health

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA You may have heard the phrase “tongue-tied” used as a metaphor for someone who stumbles over their words or fails to speak clearly. However, it is an oral condition that can affect your child’s airway and breastfeeding ability. Our Scotts Valley family dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry share on the […]