What Snoring has to do with your Health

Categories: Sleep Disorders
snoring and health

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Although many people assume that snoring is harmless, it’s the most common symptom of a potentially dangerous sleep-breathing disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA. So when your partner complains about your snoring, it could be a sign that you are one among millions of Americans who suffer from sleep […]

Oral Health Benefits of Slimming your Waistline

Categories: Gum Disease
slimming waistline and oral health

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Most people know and understand how eating healthy and working out can dramatically improve their overall health and well-being. The beginning of a new year prompts many to take control of their health. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you can shed some unwanted pounds and improve your health. In […]

3 Ways to Rejuvenate your Smile in 2022

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
rejuvenate smile

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA The concept of a New Year’s resolution is becoming less popular as time passes. In a survey by Finder, more than one-fourth of all adult Americans didn’t even make a resolution heading into 2021. Instead of feeling burdened with a resolution, see the new year as a chance to make […]

5 Ways to Reinvent your Smile in 2022

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
reinvent smile

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA We’re all still preparing for Christmas, but you’ve probably already got your New Year’s resolutions on your mind. Most people aim to improve their health by losing weight, eating healthier, or committing to healthier lifestyle choices. For some, improving their smile may be at the top of their list! In […]

5 Simple Solutions to caring for your Braces

Categories: Orthodontics
caring for teeth with braces

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Getting braces can be an exciting time. While some patients may only need to wear their braces for a short while, others may need to receive orthodontic care for several years. Either way, every patient looks forward to the day that their braces are taken off to reveal their perfectly […]

What are my Options for Fixing Crooked, Crowded Teeth?

Categories: Orthodontics
options to fix crooked teeth

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Thoughts of straightening teeth could bring images of metal or multicolored brackets, wires, and rubber bands many teens wear. You might be an adult that needed braces as a kid or teen but wasn’t able to get them for one reason or another. Fortunately, our Scotts Valley dentists that offer […]

Treating Headaches without Medicine

Categories: TMJ/TMD
treat headache without medicine

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Waking up daily with a headache can have you reaching for over-the-counter pain medication as soon as your feet hit the floor. When you suffer from debilitating headaches, it makes getting through the day seem impossible. Most people are unsure what’s causing their pain. It could be dehydration, stress, allergies, […]

Can you get Rid of Sleep Apnea?

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slep apnea

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Sleep apnea is a sleep-breathing disorder affecting millions of people. It occurs with soft tissue in the airway collapsing or completely blocking airflow, resulting in vibration sounds or snoring when attempting to breathe. Untreated sleep apnea is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular events, stroke, and cognitive decline, according […]

8 Dentist Approved Oral Health Tips for Everyone

Categories: General Dentistry
oral health tips

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA The American Dental Association advises every person to see their dentist once every six months for a check-up that includes a professional dental cleaning and an oral examination. Do you keep up with this recommended schedule of care? Most people don’t! According to data on the Centers for Disease Control […]

Who Qualifies as a Dental Implant Candidate?

Categories: Dental Implants
dental implant qualifications

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA Dental implants are a quality tooth replacement option for a permanently missing tooth solution. With an appearance and functionality like your natural tooth, dental implants can fully restore your smile. A surgically placed titanium post stimulates the jawbone, similar to your tooth root, and anchors the dental crown that matches […]