Meet the Team

Tina Ebrahimian

Business Administrator

As a journalism and communications major in college, I never saw myself in the dental field. But after managing the family business for over 20 years, I have come to enjoy every aspect of my position. My commitment to the practice extends far beyond the front desk. Having attended over 90% of the continuing education that the doctors attend, I am one of the few dental office managers who truly understands patients’ unique dental needs and treatment options. I find it very fulfilling to act as a concierge for all of our guests – whether walking people through the new patient experience or catching up with long-time patients – my job allows me to share the excitement the entire team has for our profession here at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry.

Jeanne Shimizu


In over 40 years of practicing dental hygiene, I have never enjoyed my profession as much as I do at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry. Working with Dr. Max and Dr. Ariana is a breath of fresh air. The level of care we are able to provide, thanks to our countless hours of continuing education, is truly astounding. I’m excited to be on the leading edge of hygiene, offering laser assisted periodontal therapy and modular periodontal therapy, and seeing results I have never seen in hygiene before.

For almost 10 years, her role has included being the in-house myofunctional therapist and Buteyko Breathing educator. I am passionate about training with the leading experts in both fields, I am well-equipped to help people of all ages, and especially children, form proper oral habits and maximize their health for a lifetime.

Michelle Blight

Dental Assistant

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, I have enjoyed working in dentistry for over ten years in the community I call home. After a long stint in endodontics, I am so happy to be back working in a general dental office that takes such an integrative approach to patient care. I love watching the impact that cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics can have on a patient’s life.