Five Ways to Smile Again

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Are you one of the countless people who hide your teeth when you smile?

Even the most minor mouth imperfections can lead to a lack of self-confidence, carrying the potential to negatively impact multiple areas of our lives, including socially and professionally.

Stained, cracked, crooked, missing, and chipped teeth are often cited as reasons people hide their smiles and seek a smile makeover through our cosmetic dentistry at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry. In today’s blog, our Scotts Valley dentists discuss five common reasons people hide their smiles – and how we can help you treat and overcome them.

Stained Teeth

One of the most common reasons people hide their pearly whites is because, well, they’re not so pearly white anymore. Teeth staining is a common problem caused by something as simple as the foods and drinks we consume. Tobacco use and poor oral health can also lead to dingy, discolored teeth. Routine teeth cleanings at our Scotts Valley dental practice – recommended twice a year – will go a long way toward keeping your smile bright. Want to boost the brightness? Try our professional teeth whitening service. It works better than any store-bought kit and will give you the confidence you need to let those pearly whites shine again!

Broken or Chipped Teeth

While tooth enamel is strong and protective, it can break. Some of our daily habits can damage our teeth, such as biting fingernails, opening things with our teeth, biting something hard, or injuring our mouths. While broken and chipped teeth are often something we can live with, they can prevent us from feeling confident with our smiles. Dental bonding is a great way for our cosmetic dentists to correct cracked or broken teeth, and it can be done in just one office visit.

Misshapen or uneven teeth

Sometimes, genetics determine the alignment of our teeth. Perhaps teeth didn’t erupt properly during childhood, or maybe you were born with missing permanent teeth. Another common problem that can cause teeth to eventually be misshapen: is clenching or grinding your teeth. We all probably know someone who sleeps with a night guard to protect teeth from further damage. But what are ways to correct existing damage? Porcelain veneers are an excellent option that looks natural and will give you a reason to smile! Veneers can be applied to one or more teeth and require only two visits to our Scotts Valley dental office from start to finish!

Crooked Teeth

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, orthodontics are the ideal solution for cooked or improperly aligned teeth. Braces apply pressure to the teeth and straighten them over time into proper positioning. Braces are usually worn for a year or so, but more difficult cases may require three or more years. At Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, we offer orthodontics for kids and adults. Find out which treatment option is best for achieving straighter teeth.

Missing Teeth

A missing tooth can be obvious when you smile. It can also negatively impact oral health, including chewing abilities. Sometimes, a tooth needs to be extracted, and the ideal solution is to replace the tooth before jawbone resorption occurs. If the tooth isn’t immediately replaced, other nearby teeth begin to shift in a natural effort to fill the gap. Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth, and our Scotts Valley implant dentists are happy to help with that! Here’s how implants work: An implant post is surgically placed in the jawbone at the location of the missing tooth. This post serves as a “root” for a new, permanent tooth that will replace the missing one. Implants create a straight, natural-looking, bright smile free from any gaps. Call Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry for a consultation today; our staff will be happy to determine if you are a candidate for implants.

Brightening Smiles in Scotts Valley, Los Gatos, and Santa Cruz

No need to spend another day feeling self-conscious about your smile, but we’re here to help you wear your brightest, most confident smile! Call Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry at (831) 438-4411 to schedule your consultation.