When do I need to see a General Dentist?

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Everyone needs dental care at some point. Whether you get a toothache, have a cavity, or need a tooth pulled, going to the dentist is inevitable. Hopefully, however, you already are getting those twice-yearly dental cleanings and checkups, which helps protect your oral health and makes it less likely that you will need restorative dental care. But, Drs. Max and Ariana Ebrahimian, general dentists in Scotts Valley, want you to know when it is time to see a general dentist.

  1. You have a cavity

Cavities form as a result of poor oral hygiene, but also can be a product of eating too much sugar or carb-loaded foods. Even individuals who take exceptional care of their teeth and gums may develop cavities because of an unhealthy diet. You may not notice it at first, but if your tooth has a dark gray or black spot on it, it could be a cavity, and it needs to be filled as soon as possible. Cavities typically do not cause any pain or noticeable symptoms initially. However, that does not mean you can ignore it forever. At some point, the cavity will worsen and become deeper, eventually infecting the tooth’s nerve and causing severe pain. This means more extensive dental treatment to save the tooth. Therefore, it is far better to get a cavity filled when it first starts rather than taking a wait and see approach.

  1. You have a toothache

We probably don’t need to tell you that you should see a dentist when you experience a toothache, but it’s the frequency and intensity of pain that may indicate how soon you need treatment. Pain that comes and goes could indicate a variety of dental concerns, most of which do not go away on their own, and that will eventually worsen. However, sometimes a toothache becomes so severe that it leads to swelling of the face, and can keep you pacing the floor and unable to sleep. In these instances, you most certainly need to visit a general dentist. The tooth could be infected, which can lead to a potential life and death situation if the infection were to spread to your brain or your heart.

  1. Your gums bleed

More than half of adults in the U.S. have gum disease. This is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults and can lead to really bad breath, loose teeth, receding gums, and bleeding gums that are inflamed. It usually begins as a result of not taking good enough care of your teeth. Also, it won’t go away unless you seek periodontal treatment from a general dentist in Los Gatos. As gum disease worsens, it creates what we call perio pockets, which is when the gums separate from the base of your teeth. These pockets trap harmful bacteria that eventually cause loose teeth and erode the jaw bone (which is what leads to eventual tooth loss, if not treated). The only way to clean these perio pockets is through a professional dental cleaning or periodontal treatment. If your gums bleed and are inflamed, find a dentist in Santa Cruz that treats gum disease. At Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, we can provide individualized treatment for patients suffering from gum disease and help them down the road to improving their oral health and preventing further damage to their teeth and gums.

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