Orthodontic Treatment Without Tooth Extractions

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orthodontic treatment without tooth extractionsScotts Valley and Santa Cruz, CA

If your child has had a consultation with an orthodontist about braces, the chances are that extractions are also part of the treatment plan. Why the need for extractions? The idea behind this treatment is to extract teeth to make room to straighten the others. Does it work? Yes, but at what cost? More than you realize!

As a parent, you want only the best for your child. You seek out medical professionals that you trust, and you certainly trust their medical opinions, too. But, here is why you should feel confident in questioning your child’s orthodontist, and why getting a second opinion may need to be a top priority.

Many orthodontists were taught that extractions are a necessary part of orthodontic procedures. This idea originated more than 50 years ago with the theory that the jawbones do not grow past puberty. However, current research has proven otherwise – the jaw can develop past puberty.

“What’s the big deal,” you ask?

When we remove teeth, and the jaw is still growing, we ultimately change the shape of the face – altering a person’s looks, and their oral posture becomes affected – opening up a host of other oral health concerns, as well as changes in the airway. What? Airway? Now we have your attention!

Yes, by removing teeth during adolescence, a child is more likely to develop serious health consequences such as sleep apnea later in life. Believe us when we say that sleep apnea is much more serious than loud snoring. In fact, sleep apnea is linked to causing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and more. Just imagine not getting enough oxygen for about one-third of your day or more. Just think of how decreased oxygen levels can impact the blood, the brain, and the rest of the body’s organs?

So, if your child’s orthodontist is suggesting extractions as a necessary part of their orthodontic treatment, ask these questions first. The answers, or lack thereof, may mean that you need to seek a second opinion.

  • Will my child’s face change after the extractions?
  • What does my child’s oral posture look like?
  • Can my child breathe well?
  • What is the positioning of my child’s tongue – is it correct?
  • What concerns do you have regarding my child’s airway?
  • Will the orthodontic treatment result in sleep apnea later in life?

Orthodontics in Scotts Valley

At Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, we take an individualized approach to treating our patients. While extractions are the norm for many orthodontists, we believe that it should not be the case for every individual. If you would like to learn about how we can treat your child with orthodontics, but without the need for any extractions, consider a consultation with us at our Scotts Valley dental office. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at (831) 438-4411 today.

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