What getting a Tooth Pulled Actually Costs

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what pulling tooth actually cost

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Getting a tooth pulled, no matter the reason, is generally not an enjoyable experience. Whether you suffer from gum disease, had an accident, or split a tooth, losing a tooth can reduce your confidence and impact your oral and overall health. There are consequences if you choose to ignore the […]

3 Causes of Dental Pain and what to do About It

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causes of dental pain

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Dental pain, no matter where in your mouth or jaw it resides, can inhibit your ability to focus and concentrate on daily activities. When you suffer from occasional pain, it could seem like a less critical situation. However, if you have continuous or debilitating pain in your mouth or jaw, […]

Why does my Tooth keep Hurting?

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why does my tooth hurt

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Pain is the way your body communicates that something isn’t right. When it comes to oral pain, the situation is no different. However, the severity of the pain can help determine the underlying cause and the treatments needed to repair the damage. The cause of a hurting tooth can vary […]

Dental Crown After-Care

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dental crown after care

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA Dental crowns are one of the most common treatments in smile restorations. Dental crowns can repair severe damage, decay, or broken teeth while providing strength and aesthetic improvements. Therefore, they are manufactured with durable materials to last years if you take care of them. Restorative dentists in Scotts Valley at […]

6 Main Causes of Sensitive Teeth and How to Deal

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causes of sensitive teeth

SCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA When you sip hot coffee, does it hurt your teeth? Do you avoid eating ice cream or other frozen treats because you know the cold sensation will make your teeth ache? For many people, tooth sensitivity is triggered by hot, cold, and acidic foods. Unfortunately, this sensitivity also may occur […]

3 Common Causes of Toothaches

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Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Tooth pain strikes at the worst time. It happens to nearly everyone at some point. When this happens to you, the best course of action is to see a general dentist in Scotts Valley. You no longer have to let dental pain prevent you from living life to the fullest. At […]

The Life-Saving Effects of Dental Floss

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Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Flossing your teeth has been, and always will be, a critical aspect of maintaining one’s oral health. Although most patients intend to floss every day, it just does not happen as often as your dentist recommends. Flossing may take critical minutes out of your already busy day. Still, it could […]

3 Myths About Cavities

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Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Many patients have misconceptions about cavities. By the age of 20, almost 90 percent of Americans have developed at least one cavity, and tooth decay is the number one disease affecting children. That’s why emergency dentists in Scotts Valley at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry want to break down three common myths […]

Should I be Worried about Tiny Cracks in my Teeth?

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Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Noticing tiny cracks in your teeth could cause concern. While some tooth cracks are more critical than others, some are relatively minor. However, when you brush or floss your teeth and find cracks in the enamel, it is time to schedule an appointment with your Los Gatos family dentists at […]

Scotts Valley Family Dentists Explain At-Home Oral Care

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Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Adults and children should visit Scotts Valley Family dentists Drs. Max and Ariana Ebrahimian at least once every six months. This visit includes a dental cleaning to remove tartar buildup, as well as a thorough dental exam to identify any changes in your oral health. These twice-yearly trips to the […]