6 Tips to Maintaining a Sparkling Smile

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sparkling smile

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA With the holidays upon us, we can all expect to see plenty of cell phones pulled out to document family and friend get-togethers with photos. Is your smile ready? The holidays also bring temptations and indulgences like sweet treats and boozy beverages — some of which can stain the teeth […]

Is Sugar really the cause of your Cavities?

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does sugar cause cavities

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA You’ve heard it all your life: Don’t eat all that sugar! It causes cavities! But is sugar really the cause of tooth decay? The short answer is no. Sugar, itself, doesn’t cause cavities. It goes a bit deeper. Our family dentist in Santa Cruz is tackling this topic on today’s […]

Should you get a Crown to Repair your Tooth?

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Dental crown

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Dentists will usually recommend a crown, also called a cap, if a patient has a tooth that is cracked, broken or decayed beyond the ability of a filling to repair it. Dental crowns can be made from various high-quality materials, including metal and/or porcelain. Just as their name implies, they […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Santa Cruz Family Dentist

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questions to ask dentist

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Do you have an upcoming dentist appointment? If so, it’s always worth the time to sit down and make a list of questions you may have had for our family dentist in Santa Cruz since your last appointment six months ago. In the event you haven’t thought of questions to […]

4 Oral Hygiene Habits you Shouldn’t Skip

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oral hygiene

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley CA Good oral hygiene is paramount to a healthy smile, and your overall health. Poor oral health may increase your risk of several chronic conditions, including heart disease, stroke, insulin resistance and dementia. Why does this occur? Because oral bacteria can lead to systemic inflammation, a chronic stressor on the immune […]

Worst Foods for Your Dental Health

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worst foods

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA When thinking about some of the worst foods in terms of their oral health impact, most people automatically say sugar is the worst culprit. But did you know that it’s not just sugar that’s bad for your oral health? While sugar is bad for your teeth, there are also other […]

Satisfying a Sweet Tooth Without Compromising Oral Health

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satisfy sweet tooth

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA When we’re hit with the craving to indulge in something sweet, hardly anything is going to satisfy it like confections: chocolate, candy, cake and cookies … oh my! At the same time, nothing wreaks havoc on our teeth like sugar. Bacteria in our mouths literally live and thrive off sugar. […]

4 Questions to Ask Your Scotts Valley Dentist

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dental questions

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Knowledge is power. If you’d like to become more informed about your oral health, the best person to ask about your hygiene habits, dental health or possible dental procedures will always be your dentist at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry. Is it time for your biannual dental checkup? These regular appointments are […]

What Causes of Dental Pain and What Can I Do About It

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what causes dental pain

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Teeth can hurt for many reasons, and most of them will be fairly obvious: an accident resulting in a blow to the mouth or maybe eating something that is very cold. Some kinds of dental pain, on the other hand, have fewer clear origins. The eruption of wisdom teeth, for […]

5 Dental Habits to Break

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bad dental habits

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA You’ve probably heard the saying, “Old habits die hard.” That is often the case with many habits, including ones related to your oral health. You could be doing detrimental things to your oral health without even realizing it. Today on our newest blog, our family dentists in Scotts Valley at […]