4 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Scotts Valley

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You turn on the TV or go online and what do you see? Celebrity after celebrity, all of whom have smiles full of dazzling white, perfectly-shaped teeth. We have a secret to share; those flawless-looking smiles are attainable for almost anyone. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible. Read on, as today on the blog, we run through four of the most common cosmetic dental procedures in Scotts Valley that we perform at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry.

Teeth whitening: You can find a wide array of products in stores or on the Internet that promise whiter teeth. However, for superior results, the better choice is a professional dental whitening treatment, administered by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Our whitening procedures use bleaching agents that are more powerful than any over-the-counter alternative. That means a professional whitening treatment produces more dramatic results that last longer. Factor in that we can whiten your teeth in an hour or less, and it should be no surprise that teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure that we offer.

Veneers: If you are looking for one of the most versatile options in cosmetic dentistry, then veneers might be right for you. A veneer is a thin shell that is bonded permanently to the front of the tooth or teeth being treated. If you are interested in veneers in Scotts Valley, we offer two types – composite and porcelain. For faster results, composite veneers might be your best choice, as veneers of this material typically can be installed in a single appointment. Porcelain veneers entail two appointments, which usually are scheduled about two weeks apart.

Laser gum recontouring: Sometimes, an excess amount of gum tissue means your gums rest too high on your teeth, resulting in what is referred to as a gummy smile. Through laser dentistry, we can correct a gummy smile quickly and with minimal discomfort. Traditional dentistry meant removing this excess gum tissue by hand with a scalpel. By contrast, our precise digital laser vaporizes the targeted tissue in seconds, with minimal discomfort, bleeding or risk of infection.

Bonding: If you have multiple aesthetic issues that you would like to address, but budget is a concern, then consider a dental bonding treatment. This procedure can address many of the same cosmetic flaws that veneers can, but can be completed in about an hour. The price of a bonding procedure also is usually less than the cost of receiving veneers, primarily because of the materials used.

Cosmetic dentistry in Los Gatos, Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley in California

Many dental practices offer cosmetic dental procedures, but a true cosmetic dentist has pursued this discipline on a post-graduate level after completing normal school. A true cosmetic dentistry has completed significant education and training in the specialization. They combine beautiful materials, state-of-the-art technology  and innovative techniques with their training and knowledge to produce beautiful results.

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