7 Reasons why Veneers are Worth the Cost

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Your teeth age just like the rest of your body. They show signs of wear and tear as you get older. A dingy smile can add years to your appearance. That’s why more and more people are turning to porcelain veneers to improve their smile.

Veneers are custom-created shells of dental porcelain that can fix a variety of cosmetic imperfections. Veneers have been popular among celebrities for decades. In fact, the very first dental veneers were used on a movie set in the 1920s. While porcelain veneers come with a cost, don’t let that stand in your way of achieving the smile of your dreams. Here are seven reasons why your Scotts Valley cosmetic dentists think porcelain veneers are worth the cost.

Reason 1) Discoloration

Your teeth change colors naturally as you get older. Because enamel is porous, certain foods and drinks stain and discolor your teeth. These are called extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains are different; they occur due to changes in the interior of the tooth. Intrinsic staining typically remains unchanged with teeth whitening procedures. You may also suffer from an individually discolored tooth. That is where porcelain veneers can make a difference in your smile. You can select the shade you would like and have an entirely different smile that is gleaming and brilliant.

Reason 2) Instant Orthodontics

Crooked, gapped, or overlapping teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. Braces are the most well-known corrective option, although more patients are choosing Invisalign® for orthodontic treatment, but what if you want straighter teeth in a hurry? Porcelain veneers can be used in what we call “instant orthodontics.” While this method does nothing to correct your actual orthodontic issues, they create the appearance of perfectly straight teeth in a couple of dental visits—instead of having to wait a year or longer for braces or Invisalign® to do their work.

Reason 3) Differently Sized Teeth

We are all born different. Sometimes teeth develop too short or are misshapen, which may impact your appearance. By lengthening short teeth with porcelain veneers, it creates a symmetrical smile. Combining gum recontouring with veneers will create a customized, natural-looking smile that boosts your self-confidence every time you grin.

Reason 4) Cracked or Chipped Teeth

When you bite your fingernails, you think it’s not only bad for your nails, but your teeth too. Chewing on pens or pencils is just as bad. Using your teeth to do anything but eat can cause cracks or chips in your enamel. Those injuries wear down a smile over time and turn your mouth into a jagged wasteland. Don’t fear, because porcelain veneers can correct that as well.

Reason 5) Durability

Our dental porcelain is one of the finest materials available in cosmetic dentistry today. Dental porcelain is designed to mimic your enamel, which is why well-maintained veneers can last for decades. That type of durability is hard to find in any other type of cosmetic treatment, aside from dental implants.

Reason 6) Self-Esteem

Feeling uncomfortable with your smile can be detrimental to your self-confidence. This can make you hesitant to smile or laugh in photos or shy away from meeting new people. Feeling uncomfortable with your smile may affect your career and social life. Porcelain veneers can correct several aesthetic issues with your smile at the same time, boosting your self-image.

Reason 7) Customizable

Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry customizes veneers to suit your aesthetic desires and correct dental flaws. First, your veneers are handcrafted from impressions of your teeth. Your veneers will be created based on your desires to create the beautiful smile you always wanted.

Veneers in Scotts Valley

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