The Top 4 Challenges in Cosmetic Dentistry

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You turn on the TV or browse online and see celebrity after celebrity with a mouth full of perfect-looking, dazzlingly white teeth. Guess what? It’s almost impossible for someone to naturally have such a great-looking smile. Those celebrities used cosmetic dentistry to get the smile they wanted, and so can you.

Many dentists offer cosmetic procedures, but a true cosmetic dentist has learned the techniques and principles of the specialization on the postgraduate level after completing standard dental school. Cosmetic dentistry is growing but, like any other specialized field in medicine, it has its challenges. Today on the blog, we examine four challenges that cosmetic dentists face.

Meeting patients’ expectations

Each person is unique. So is their smile, and their expectations for that smile. You have a set of aesthetic goals that is unique to you. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to align the desires of the patient with an outcome that is reasonable and achievable. When choosing a cosmetic dentist, open and honest communication should be a key criteria. That’s why Drs. Max and Ariana Ebrahimian hold consultations with any patient who is interested in cosmetic dentistry. This consultation includes a thorough assessment of your oral health and medical history, as well as a frank discussion about your aesthetic goals.

Complex cases

Many people have multiple aesthetic issues with their smiles that they want to address. Achieving a patient’s aesthetic goals may include repairing teeth with extensive damage, replacing missing teeth, or correcting a severely misaligned bite. Or, a patient may have a pre-existing condition such as gum disease that must be resolved first before they undergo cosmetic treatments. This is why many cosmetic dentists pursue continuing education to hone their skills and knowledge and keep up to speed on the latest techniques and procedures in the field.

Managing form vs. function

It’s true, many times patients who undergo cosmetic procedures report their teeth not only look better but perform better. That said, at times it can be a bit of a tightrope walk to manage aesthetics and functionality. You don’t want to compromise a patient’s chewing ability or the alignment of their bite to improve appearance. Advanced technology comes into play here, as digital impressions and computer-aided design ensure factors like bite alignment are taken into account or even improved.

Managing dental anxiety

Do you experience feelings of anxiety, nervousness or even outright fear at the prospect of going to the dentist? Many people avoid the dentist due to these feelings, which stem from a condition known as dental anxiety. It can be hard for someone who suffers from dental anxiety to make an appointment for necessary services such as a checkup, much less something elective like cosmetic dentistry. Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry offers several methods of sedation dentistry to calm an anxious or fearful patient, including nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), IV sedation or Nucalm, which is a drug-free relaxation method.

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