4 Essential Tips for Finding a New Dentist in Scotts Valley

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finding new dentist in scotts valleySCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA

If you’re looking for a new dentist, you may feel tempted to visit a practice that’s closest to your home for convenience sake or find a discount dentist that offers cheap services. It’s important to find a dentist that not only fits your needs but that has your best interest in mind. Whether you’re new to the area or your current dentist falls short of meeting your expectations, Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry shares four essential tips for finding a new dentist in Scotts Valley.

  1. Look for a dentist with a good reputation

You wouldn’t visit a restaurant or book a stay at a resort that had terrible ratings. So, be sure to check out the reputation of the dentist you’re considering. Check online reviews, like Google, and check their social media page on Facebook for reviews as well. It’s a good idea to see what others have to say about the dentist. You could also ask people you trust, like family, friends, or co-workers, for recommendations on the best dentist in Scotts Valley. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a reputable dentist.

  1. Check their credentials

State dental boards hold dentists accountable. Check with your state’s board for any claims against the dentist or dental practice. Also, see what other credentials your dentist has, such as post-graduate training. At Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, our doctors have studied at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI Global), which focuses on TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, and oral posture. Dr. Ariana and Dr. Max belong to many highly acclaimed dental organizations. Specifically, Dr. Ariana has been the county director of the Monterey Bay Dental Society and is the co-founder of the Pacific Dental Mission, aimed at providing much needed dental care to people around the world.

  1. Book a consultation before you commit

Set aside time to book a consultation or interview of sorts to see what it’s like to be a patient at the dentist’s office you’re considering. Meet the front desk staff, assistants, hygienists, and doctors. While online reviews provide a great deal of information about whether you even want to make it this far, nothing speaks volumes like experiencing it for yourself. This lets you test the waters before committing to treatment.

  1. Ensure their services meet your oral health needs

It could be counterintuitive to find a great dentist whose personality you love, only to find out they don’t offer the services you need. Most dentists offer preventive, restorative, and emergency dental care. However, many patients require treatments beyond what a typical general dentist in Scotts Valley offers. Having all dental services under one roof is especially helpful for families so that you don’t have to make appointments across town. At Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, we offer additional services such as periodontal disease management, orthodontics, dental implants, and treatment for sleep apnea and TMJ disorder.

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