What Could be Causing my Bad Breath?

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Bad breath, clinically referred to as Halitosis, is no laughing matter, especially for those that are close to you. Did you know that bad breath is an easy fix? It is finding out what is causing your bad breath that can be the challenge, but once you cross that hurdle, you can give bad breath the back seat.


Are you drinking enough water every day? Dehydration means a dry mouth, which leads to bad breath. It is for this reason that we all have that undeniable “morning breath” when we wake up. Drinking water throughout the day helps keep you hydrated and rinses out your mouth.

Sports drinks

Although these brightly colored beverages help restore electrolytes and keep you hydrated, they are not so friendly to your oral health, specifically your breath. Sports drinks are highly acidic, which throws off the natural pH in your mouth. As a result, your breath becomes stinky.

Maybe you do not drink sports drinks (good for you), but you are still not in the clear. Juices and sodas are also acidic, so do your breath a favor and lay off these sugary beverages.

Wisdom teeth

Surprisingly, those big teeth that erupt in the very back of the mouth often cause bad breath. This happens because, for many adults, these third molars are so large that they cannot fully erupt, leaving the gum tissue partially covering them. This means that bacteria can lurk under the gums, causing bad breath.

If ignored, wisdom teeth can become infected and decayed. You will have a lot more to deal with in this case. Getting your wisdom teeth removed will solve this issue.

Forgetting to brush your tongue and not flossing

You are already brushing your teeth, so why not brush your tongue too? Our tongues tend to harbor bacteria, which in turn produces a foul smell when not cleaned properly.

The same goes for in between our teeth. By not flossing every night, you are essentially not cleaning a third of your teeth’s surfaces. Don’t believe it? Just start flossing, if you don’t already, and see what a difference it makes in the freshness of your breath.

Certain foods

Cheese, although loved by many, is not friendly when it comes to your breath. Cheese contains amino acids that, when mixed with your mouth’s bacteria, produce sulfur compounds that make your breath smell like rotten eggs. Steak essentially does the same thing to your breath since it has a high level of amino acids. If you must consume these things, be sure to brush and floss immediately afterward.


Gum disease inevitably causes bad breath that will not go away until the disease is treated by a dentist, but other health concerns that could be to blame. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can also cause bad breath.

If you still are not sure what could be causing your bad breath, contact the dentist immediately.

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