Do you need Braces? Here are Key Signs that you Do

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Maybe you had braces as a teen and experienced and your teeth are now crooked again an adult. Perhaps you needed braces as a teen but weren’t able to get them, for whatever reason. No matter the specifics of your situation, if you’re an adult who needs braces, you’re not alone. According to the health insurance provider Humana, adults represent approximately 25% of all patients in the U.S. with braces. In this article, Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry discusses some key signs that will tell you whether or not you need braces. If you fit the mold, schedule a consultation with a dentist in Scotts Valley that offers braces for adults.

What signs show you may need braces as an adult?

  • Bite misalignment – Also known as a bad bite, which occurs when your teeth do not come together correctly when you bite, making your occlusion (bite) uneven. These alignment issues may include what is known as an open bite, which means your front teeth do not touch, but your back teeth do.
  • Crowding – Are certain teeth overlapping? Crowding can affect your smile’s appearance and make it harder to keep your teeth clean, as the overlaps create areas that are difficult to reach properly with your toothbrush or dental floss.
  • Crooked teeth – Since orthodontics focuses on straightening teeth, it’s natural that the appearance of crooked teeth would be a significant warning sign that orthodontic treatment could be needed.
  • Jaw misalignment – Jaw problems, including temporomandibular joint disorder, can be caused by functional issues related to uneven teeth or bite misalignment.
  • Chewing issues – Do your jaws ache when you chew food? Maybe your teeth hurt? Perhaps you simply have issues chewing your food? If you answer yes to any of the previous questions, it can indicate you could benefit from receiving braces as an adult.

Why should adults care about getting straighter teeth?

If you’re living with misaligned teeth, it can impact more than just your appearance. Orthodontic problems can impact the movement of your mouth and, with it, the way you eat and breathe. As we mentioned above, it’s becoming more common to see adults with braces, and proper orthodontic treatment could resolve issues you never thought might be connected. We invite you to learn more about our orthodontic treatment in Scotts Valley and what braces could mean for a healthier you!

Braces for Adults in Scotts Valley

Are you ready to learn more about how you can benefit from braces? At Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, we work with tooth-colored brackets made of metal-free ceramic that can be tailored to match the color of your teeth. This allows you to receive treatment in a somewhat subtle manner, although, for the ultimate discretion, we also offer treatment through Invisalign, several series of transparent plastic aligners. When you choose to pursue orthodontic treatment at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry, we also offer functional treatments that can resolve issues and even alter the development of your face and jaws. Take the next step and schedule your consultation today online or by calling (831) 438-4411.

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