SmileDirectClub is Bankrupt. Where does that Leave Patients Wanting Straighter Teeth?

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SmileDirectClub is known for mail order orthodontics that use clear aligners to straighten teeth with the promise of fast results at a fraction of the price compared to orthodontic care at a local dental office. How was this done? By having patients submit their own photos and impressions and consulting with dentists virtually, although never actually setting foot inside of an actual dental office. However, mail order orthodontics like SmileDirectClub are extremely dangerous and may result in irreversible damage to your oral health. Everything from gum damage, bone loss, jaw joint disorders like TMJ, and even tooth loss may occur when you undergo orthodontic care that is not overseen by in-person visits to a dentist. Therefore, it’s no surprise that SmileDirectClub has filed for bankruptcy and has hundreds of complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. So, where does that leave patients wanting straighter teeth or those that may be in the middle of care with SmileDirectClub? We’ll answer those questions and more on our newest blog today.

Why is DIY orthodontics dangerous?

Even with SmileDirectClub coming to an end, there are still other mail order orthodontic treatment programs available. Unfortunately, those options also come with many hidden dangers. First, orthodontic treatment requires face to face care with a dentist or orthodontist. The purpose of these in-person visits is to assess your treatment progress so that modifications can be made if necessary. These treatment changes may be necessary to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your results. Without that personalized care, you could put yourself at risk of irreversible damage to your smile, according to Dr. Chung Kau, the chairman and professor of orthodontics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Moving teeth is a medical procedure that requires face to face appointments and checkups with a dentist, according to the American Academy of Orthodontics. Therefore, opt for a local dentist if you’re interested in straightening your teeth.

What should I do if I started mail order orthodontic care already?

If you’ve already begun treatment with mail order orthodontics, we recommend that you cease treatment right away and see a local dentist immediately for an evaluation. Continuing your mail order orthodontics could cause more damage that cannot be repairable. However, once we assess your dental health and current dental status, we can recommend the best orthodontic treatment for you. Additionally, our orthodontic treatment involves in-person checkups throughout the course of your treatment to ensure you remain on track and that necessary changes can be made for optimal and safe results.

I want to straighten my teeth, but it costs too much

We understand that mail order orthodontics lure patients with their low cost. But consider the many risks involved when choosing this option. While the upfront cost of care may seem more affordable, you could end up paying a lot more money in the long run to correct damage caused by mail order orthodontics. So, while local orthodontic care may cost more in terms of treatment, you won’t run the risks of damaging your oral health or worse, losing teeth!

Orthodontic care in Los Gatos, Scotts Valley, and Santa Cruz, California

Whether you’re undergoing orthodontic care or not, regular dental visits are recommended for patients of all ages. Just like the rest of your health, your teeth require an exam at least once every six months. During these visits, you’ll also receive a dental cleaning to help promote good oral health. We also look for any signs of dental problems like cavities, loose crowns, or other issues that may require treatment to prevent the problem from worsening. Routine dental visits help you maintain good oral health and reduce other health risks, according to studies. If you’d like to learn more about safe and effective orthodontic care in Scotts Valley, please contact Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry by calling (831) 438-4411.