How Your Shrinking Jaw Could be Causing Sleep Apnea

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shrinking jaw causes sleep apneaSCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ, CA

As dentists and scientists review historical dental records, more information about others’ lifestyles so long ago comes to light. For example, human jaws are significantly smaller today than the prehistoric figures who were hunter-gatherers, according to research. Unfortunately, the change results in sleep complications, misaligned teeth, and overcrowding. However, correcting the situation is possible due to scientific and technological advances. Fortunately, our Scotts Valley airway dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry share on the blog today how your shrinking jaw could be causing sleep apnea or other unfavorable oral conditions.

Why is the human jaw shrinking?

According to anthropologists, early human jaws lack misalignment and tooth crowding prevalent in modern jaws, even with their wisdom teeth. According to Dr. Paul R. Erhlich, during an interview for DOCS Education, he shares there is no solid evidence of an uneven bite in our ancestors. Sandra Kahn and Paul R. Erhlich, Ph.D., described in their co-authored book “JAWS: The Story of a Hidden Pandemic” the changes in facial structure and how biological, cultural, and dietary changes are the cause of the underlying shift. Today, we live indoors with a high allergen concentration and consume softer foods. Therefore, there is more risk of developing a mouth breathing habit, poor oral posture, and sleep apnea.

Why are shrinking jaws a problem?

A shrinking jaw could lead to jaw joint complications, broken teeth, or airway blockages that lead to sleep apnea and snoring. Our airway dentists in Santa Cruz explain that overcrowded and misaligned teeth are challenging to clean as they tend to harbor harmful bacteria. Additionally, jaw joint and airway blockages are manageable conditions and could help reduce frequent headaches. With treatment, you should breathe regularly through your nose and reduce your risk for advanced needs.

What treatments are available for shrinking jaws?

Patients who suffer from high-vaulted palates, narrow dental arches, or an airway problem may benefit from therapy using the ALF or CROZAT appliances, which stimulate and encourage jawbone growth and expansion without braces. The ALF appliance can help cranial bone development in children and align their bite using osteopathy as a guide. The CROZAT appliance can prevent overcrowding while encouraging bone growth and expanding dental arches. Knowing which treatment option is best for your condition requires a visit to an experienced dentist in Los Gatos who treats airway obstruction.

Airway Obstruction Treatment in Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, and Scotts Valley, California

Even though our ancestors had more teeth and larger mouths, today, we have science and technology to help treat problems that did not exist during our ancestor’s time. Using custom-made oral appliances and other functional orthodontic treatments, you can improve your resting oral posture, reduce your sleep apnea risk, and experience an overall better life quality. If you or your child suffer from overcrowding, misaligned teeth, or obstructive airway issues, feel free to call our Scotts Valley airway dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry at (831) 438-4411 to schedule an appointment. You may also schedule a Smile Virtual Consult online to learn more.