Sleep Apnea, it Could Happen to your Child

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Most of us tend to associate sleep apnea with older, overweight men. But, studies reveal that even children are at risk for this sleep disorder. Your Scotts Valley sleep apnea dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry are taking time to discuss the disturbing health consequences of pediatric sleep apnea, and provide insight on how you can help your child if you believe he or she has this sleep-breathing disorder.

First, allow us to discuss common signs and symptoms of pediatric sleep apnea. Parents, guardians, and grandparents alike all strive to protect their child from harm, yet pediatric sleep apnea poses startling health consequences. Ignoring your child’s sleep apnea could hinder their development, oral health, nervous system, and even brain function. The consequences are too severe to ignore.

Symptoms of pediatric sleep apnea include snoring, daytime fatigue, and loss of interest in activities such as school or sports. However, an often-overlooked symptom is ADD or ADHD-like behaviors such as hyperactivity. In this day and age, many physicians, and even parents chalk hyperactive behavior up to ADD or ADHD, never giving thought to a sleep-breathing disorder.

Sadly, nearly 95% of children with ADD or ADHD have sleep apnea as well. This correlation is astounding, especially to think that many of these children may be taking medication for a disorder that they don’t even have when in actuality, they just need more air!

While hyperactivity is thought to be normal for children to some degree, snoring is never healthy, even for a child. Chronic mouth breathing during the day may also point to an airway issue that results in snoring at night. Therefore, if your child exhibits ADHD-like behavior, and snores, please consider an airway evaluation in Scotts Valley at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry.

During sleep apnea episodes, the body pauses its breathing efforts for as many as several to one hundred or more times an hour! Just think of the detriment to a child’s growth and development if their little body is being starved of oxygen.

Diagnosing sleep apnea is simple. We conduct an airway evaluation and may send you home with a device that can monitor your child’s breathing while he or she is asleep. The evidence that we collect will indicate the severity of your child’s sleep apnea, and better point us in the direction of the ideal treatment.

Since a CPAP machine may not be ideal for a child, a custom-made oral appliance is often convenient and comfortable for them to wear at night. Also, oral appliances are discreet, not noisy, and can travel easily for overnight stays. The most important factor is that your child gets treatment for his or her sleep apnea. Living life without receiving enough air can hinder their development to the point that it affects them the rest of their life.

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