How to Become more Dateable, According to Science

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It is natural for single people to go out on dates, especially around Valentine’s Day. So, today on the blog, we’re talking to all the single ladies (and gents) about how to become more dateable. Now that you’re going to be humming Beyoncé’s 2008 hit Put a Ring on It for the rest of the day, let’s move on to see what science has to do with improving your love life.

A sociologist that’s worked at Tinder and Bumble, Dr. Jess Carbino, says that smiling makes a person appear more dateable. This especially is true when meeting someone for the first time. Smiling makes you seem approachable by showing the other person that you’re letting down your defenses. Plus, smiling actually stimulates the body to release endorphins that improve mood. Sounds like a big deal if you don’t want to come across as a wet blanket. Sporting a grin is even more important when posting profile pictures to popular dating apps, and has a significant bearing on whether viewers will swipe right or not. Profile pictures where someone attempts to pose-like-a-model or not smile at all just makes you seem more cold and distant, according to Carbino. Most people don’t resemble models, and those emotionless looks likely will drive away a potential match, and there’s actual science to prove it. In a study reported by the journal Cognition and Emotion in 2014, Swiss researchers found that a strong smile appears more attractive than not smiling. There is no denying that smiling invokes happy feelings, even if you’re flashing a smile to a stranger for a brief few seconds.

Why aren’t people smiling?

People choose not to smile for numerous reasons, one being that they don’t like their smile! There may be something about their teeth or gums that make them feel embarrassed. So, they either halfway smile in an attempt to conceal problem areas, or they avoid smiling entirely. Unfortunately, neither of these is going to help your love life. If you feel self-conscious about your smile or have received negative reactions when flashing a grin, Santa Cruz cosmetic dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry can help.

How Can I Improve My Smile?

There isn’t a smile out there that can’t be fixed. Cosmetic dentists Drs. Max and Ariana Ebrahimian offer a variety of dental services that can enhance a dull smile or completely rejuvenate a severely damaged smile.

Here is a look at what cosmetic dentistry could do for you.

Sometimes, all that is needed is a little sprucing up. Teeth become dingy over time, even with proper oral care and hygiene. Professional teeth whitening can reverse these effects and have you smiling confidently after just one appointment to our Scotts Valley dental office.

If you have a problem tooth, or two or three, cosmetic options such as dental bonding, veneers, or dental crowns can do the trick. These porcelain restorations mimic the look of natural dental enamel, which means that your results will blend with your smile. Problems like crooked, broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth can easily be restored with expertly-crafted porcelain restorations. Ask our cosmetic dentists if one of these procedures is right for you.

Missing teeth are probably one of the most embarrassing problems that many people face, especially if you’re dealing with a missing front tooth. Dental implants or bridgework can fill the gaps in your grin, restore your smile, and give you a renewed level of self-confidence. Whether you need to replace one or all of your missing teeth, our Scotts Valley implant dentists have a solution for your smile needs.

The easiest way to maintain an attractive and healthy smile is to take care of your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing daily. And, be sure to get regular dental checkups and cleanings at least twice a year. Smiling is attractive and makes people want to be around you. Whether you’re looking for your next love interest on a dating app, or you just want to feel more confident in social gatherings, Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry can help. Get started today by calling (831) 438-4411 to set up a consultation.