Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, CA

In our office, braces are about more than just straight teeth. Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry offers functional orthodontics to help patients of all ages achieve a healthy occlusion (bite), an attractive facial profile and a straight, attractive smile. Functional orthodontics involves the use of custom-fabricated dental appliances and/or braces to move the teeth into proper alignment. Based on a neuromuscular approach, functional orthodontics preserves the airway and the health of the temporomandibular joints and jaw muscles. It can be used to correct problems that affect both children and adults:

Excessive wear and chipping of front teeth
Severe crowding or spacing
Crossbite of front and back teeth
Limited tongue space

Functional orthodontics is also a great option for pain patients relieve debilitating symptoms such as headaches, facial pain, tender muscles and joints, grinding, and a limited range of motion.