Certain Cosmetic Flaws also may be Hurting your Oral Health

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cosmetic flaws hurting oral healthSanta Cruz, Scotts Valley CA

A pearly-white smile with perfect teeth is something most everyone wants. However, many people make excuses not to pursue cosmetic dentistry. Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry is here to tell you that an aesthetically beautiful smile usually means a healthy smile, too. Dental health issues and cosmetic concerns often go hand in hand. That’s why our dentists in Scotts Valley gathered a helpful list of cosmetic issues and their correlating oral health problems.

Aesthetic Complaints & Health-Related Counterparts

Discoloration: Dingy or dull teeth are the most common reason that people get cosmetic dentistry—and why teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic treatment. Teeth turn yellow as you age or develop stains from food and drink. Tobacco also causes teeth to discolor. These stains from eating, drinking, and tobacco are considered surface stains. A more complex discoloration issue can be caused by acid—as the acid from your stomach or diet can deteriorate your enamel. As your enamel thins, the underlying layer of your tooth structure called dentin shows through, creating a darker appearance.

Chipped Teeth: A small chip is no big deal, right? This cosmetic issue actually is much more complex than you might realize. A chip can make your tooth more susceptible to decay and infection. It can also affect your bite and how you chew. An untreated chipped tooth creates serious problems, but that could be prevented with cosmetic options like dental bonding or veneers. Protect your oral health by addressing problems like a chipped tooth as soon as the injury occurs.

Crooked Teeth: Uneven or misaligned teeth are harder to clean, creating a build-up of harmful bacteria that lead to serious issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Advanced gum disease actually can lead to your teeth becoming crooked and shifting, as your jawbone weakens and no longer provides proper support. Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry can correct crooked teeth with braces, Invisalign®, or give you the appearance of a straight-looking smile with “instant orthodontics” through veneers.

Missing Teeth: A missing tooth or multiple missing teeth can be a stressful and obvious cosmetic issue. Living with lost teeth also can lead to a series of horrendous oral health problems. Just one missing tooth increases your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, or a misaligned bite while also hindering your ability to chew. A dental bridge or dental implant can replace the hole in your smile and even lower your vulnerability to the health-related issues linked to living with tooth loss.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Scotts Valley

Cosmetic flaws in your smile may not bother you, but could impact your oral health. When you have a great smile, you will want to take care of it. If you are located in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, and Los Gatos in California, then the cosmetic dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry are here to help you. Contact our office at (831) 438-4411 today. Schedule your free consultation to get started fixing both your cosmetic issues and improve your oral health.