Dealing with Dental Emergencies

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Dental emergency. It is not a happy phrase. If you or a member of your family suffers a dental emergency, it often can be a traumatic, stressful, and expensive event. Our advice in the event of a dental emergency is twofold: stay calm, but act fast. Receiving treatment as soon as possible is crucial.

Here are some other tips you should follow to deal with specific types of dental emergencies.

  • Toothache: Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and dental floss, gently clean the area that is causing you pain, then rinse with warm salt water. In the event of swelling, apply a cold compress. Call your Scotts Valley dentist for an appointment as soon as possible but, until then, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever like Tylenol or Ibuprofen to manage any discomfort. Avoid putting aspirin on the gums or tooth; this may cause a burn.
  • Lost tooth: If you have a tooth knocked out, call your dentist right away. Even if it is after hours, your local Scotts Valley dentist can refer you to an emergency dentist. It is crucial to receive care within an hour of having a tooth knocked out so that it can be re-implanted in the mouth. Before your emergency appointment, you should recover the lost tooth and gently rinse off any debris with water. Then wrap the tooth in a clean cloth or gauze that has been soaked in milk or saline solution. Keeping the tooth moist during transport increases your likelihood of a successful re-implantation.
  • Loose tooth: If your tooth is pushed inward or outward due to an impact or injury, first you should reposition it by using the tip of your finger to apply light pressure. Do not attempt to force the tooth if it appears unwilling to move.
  • Chipped or broken tooth: After contacting your dentist for an emergency appointment, be sure to rinse your mouth with warm water and keep it clean until your appointment. A broken or chipped tooth can be fixed with the help of cosmetic dentistry in Scotts Valley. Veneers or dental crowns are ideal for repairing teeth that have broken and provide a strong, stable bite for chewing.
  • Soft tissue: If you have sustained an injury to your tongue, lips or cheeks, then you may experience bleeding that ranges from slight to significant. Using a piece of gauze or a clean cloth, apply firm pressure to the injured area for 15 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, contact your dentist or general physician as soon as possible—you may need stitches to repair the wound. If there is no bleeding or bleeding stop after this application of pressure, clean the area using warm water and another piece of gauze or clean cloth. Apply an ice compress intermittently to help with any pain and swelling.

Preparation is your best defense against any mishap, including a dental emergency. Prepare now by assembling a kit to treat dental emergencies; this kit should include a handkerchief, gauze, a small sealable container with a lid, saline solution, water, and the contact information for your local Scotts Valley dentist.

Emergency Dental Care in Scotts Valley

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