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If you have lost some of your teeth, you may feel embarrassed about it. You shouldn’t; tooth loss is more common than you might think—especially as you age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 20 percent of Americans over the age of 65 have lost all their natural teeth. And, by the age of 50, the average American already has lost 12 permanent teeth. Those living with tooth loss may be self-conscious about the gap in their smile, while also facing possible nutritional deficiencies because of the lost chewing ability.

You may have considered dentures to replace your lost teeth. Although modern custom dentures represent a major upgrade over the traditional, artificial-looking teeth of the past, there is a superior option: implant dentures. However, many patients might shy away from implant dentures because of the cost, while ignoring many of the benefits of implant dentures. Your implant dentists in Scotts Valley at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry want to provide some insight regarding the true value of implant dentures.

What are implant dentures?

These dentures are a great fit for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth or have been diagnosed with “hopeless” teeth—meaning that significant tooth loss is inevitable. There is an arch of replacement teeth that is fabricated as a single unit, but these dentures are anchored in the mouth by dental implants that are installed into the jawbone at precise locations to provide support. The replacement teeth are made to attach to the implants; that means that your dentures will stay fixed in the mouth. They won’t slip or shift like other dentures, and to clean them you just brush them like you would real teeth.

Patients with implant dentures have a higher quality of life

Don’t just take our word for it… A study conducted at 2015 at Case Western Reserve University looked at a group of women who had pursued multiple methods of replacing lost teeth—implants, bridges, custom dentures, or not seeking a tooth replacement method at all. Those women who chose a method of tooth replacement that involved dental implants were found to enjoy a higher quality of life. The results of this survey likely were impacted by the fact that patients who receive dental implants regain a greater percentage of their chewing ability, which means better nutrition, improving your sense of taste, and giving you more social opportunities because you have the confidence to go out with friends.

Patients with implant dentures are healthier

In addition to the nutritional benefits listed above, did you know that being able to chew hard foods might help keep you mentally sharp and even help you live longer? These were the findings of a study released in the fall of 2018 by researchers in Japan, which noted an association between improved cognition and a diet with more solid foods that suggested the act of chewing actually may help to stimulate the brain! Receiving implant dentures also restores your bite, and bite strength has been linked to lifespan and walking speed.

Implant dentures are more durable

Dental implants are designed to last 30 years or more, if not longer, while traditional dentures may last only a decade if you are lucky! Due to the changing shape of the dental arch and lower jawbone, traditional dentures need to be remade more often. However, implant dentures will last longer than traditional dentures, with your quality of life being a big factor. Also, how you care for your implant dentures plays into their lifespan.

Implant dentures in Scotts Valley

Yes, implant dentures are more expensive. However, when evaluating all the factors, the long-term benefits of implant dentures outweigh the immediate financial costs. Restore your smile and your chewing ability; you’ve waited long enough! To learn more about how Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry can replace your lost teeth, you can call us at (831) 438-4411 to schedule a consultation.

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