What getting a Tooth Pulled Actually Costs

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what pulling tooth actually costSCOTTS VALLEY, SANTA CRUZ CA

Getting a tooth pulled, no matter the reason, is generally not an enjoyable experience. Whether you suffer from gum disease, had an accident, or split a tooth, losing a tooth can reduce your confidence and impact your oral and overall health. There are consequences if you choose to ignore the missing tooth. The experienced Scotts Valley family dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry share what getting a tooth pulled actually costs and why it is crucial to get a replacement.

Bone Loss

Bone loss or resorption occurs in your jawbone after getting a tooth pulled. The void of your missing tooth no longer receives stimulation by the tooth’s roots, resulting in jawbone weakening and deterioration over time. Your friendly dentists in Los Gatos warn that the missing tooth area is not the only area where bone resorption will occur. The surrounding teeth may also be at risk of extraction because of bone resorption, and if untreated, your facial structure and appearance could change.

Inability to Eat Certain Foods

Missing a tooth could make eating your favorite foods more challenging. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, you may change your bite pattern to compensate. The change could lead to complications as you put more pressure on other teeth, not meant to withstand the force and cause them to break down faster. The family Santa Cruz dentists near you warn that ignoring the missing tooth could result in the inability to properly chew your food, which increases your risk of choking and forces your body to work harder to digest your food.

Difficulty Speaking

Speaking requires your tongue, mouth, and teeth to all work together to create the sounds made for words. Therefore, when you have a critical tooth missing that is needed to pronounce words, you may find it more challenging to speak or struggle with word clarity. Your Scotts Valley professional dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry encourage patients to quickly replace their missing teeth as it could lead to developing a lisp or speech impediment.

Reduced Self-Esteem

The process of getting a tooth pulled could be a hit to your self-esteem, especially if the tooth is in a highly visible area. Unfortunately, when a gap is visible, it could cause social anxiety, impact job offers, or keep you from smiling altogether. Patients who visit the Los Gatos family dentists often report changing how they move their mouth while they eat, smile, or speak to cover the hole in their smile. Low self-confidence also accompanies the loss of a tooth for some patients.

Replacement Tooth Options

Dental technology is continuously advancing to provide the best treatments for patients that last a long time. Fortunately, there are multiple options for tooth replacement that may work for you. During your consultation, the well-trained Santa Cruz dentists at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry will share the most appropriate treatment option for your case. Depending on the assessment, you could receive a dental bridge, partial dentures, full dentures, or the most permanent solution closest to your natural tooth, dental implants.

Tooth Replacement in Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, and Scotts Valley, California

Losing a tooth due to an accident or a lack of oral care can be stressful. Choosing the best option for your oral health may be confusing without the help of the board-certified dentists in Scotts Valley at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry. Feel free to call our office at (831) 438-4411 to ask questions about missing tooth replacements or schedule your consultation. We love treating patients in the communities of Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, and Scotts Valley.