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What is an inlay/onlay?

An inlay or onlay procedure uses either a composite material or porcelain to repair a tooth. Sometimes, damage to a tooth is too far gone for a filling, yet a dental crown would be too invasive. An inlay involves repairing only the chewing surface of a tooth. An onlay is more extensive, involving the cusps (bumps) of a tooth. Both procedures are entirely natural looking since the material used is tooth-colored.

Benefits of an inlay or onlay

Inlays and onlays are a non-invasive, metal-free option to repair a tooth. Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry uses porcelain and a composite material of exceptional quality to provide you with beautiful, long-lasting results. The results of the procedure will blend in nicely with the rest of your teeth.

Benefits include:

  • Maintains and helps restore structural integrity of a tooth
  • Prevents costly treatments down the road
  • Helps to preserve natural tooth structure, as opposed to a dental crown
  • Fabricated to be tooth-colored, providing you with beautiful results
  • Durable and long-lasting form of a restoration
  • Strengthens existing tooth structure

The procedure

During the procedure for a porcelain inlay/onlay, the dentist will remove any unhealthy portions of your tooth, then, take an impression that will be sent to our dental lab. The lab will make the porcelain inlay or onlay to fit your tooth precisely.

While your porcelain inlay or onlay is being made, you will wear a temporary one that we make right in our office. You will return for a second visit in which the dentist will permanently bond the material to your tooth, ensuring a smooth, even bite.

A composite inlay/onlay can be fabricated right in our office, and completed in only one visit. The dentist will determine which material is best for your treatment.

After the procedure

Once the process for your inlay or onlay is complete, caring for your teeth is easy. Continue practicing healthy oral hygiene habits of brushing and flossing daily, plus, visit the dentist routinely for your checkups and cleanings.

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