5 Ways to Feel More Energized in the Morning

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energized in the morningSanta Cruz, Scotts Valley CA

The world has morning people. Then there’s the rest of us. Is any sound more annoying than an alarm clock in the morning when you’re sleeping peacefully? How many of us hit “snooze” more than once every morning before finally dragging ourselves out of bed?

No one wants to feel depleted of energy as soon as their feet hit the floor; unfortunately, far too many of us struggle to get going in the mornings.

Today, our family dentist in Santa Cruz is sharing five ways to get your mornings off to a better, more energized start.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Many people skip breakfast, but food is a source of energy, so eating a healthy, well-rounded breakfast is exactly what the doctor ordered to start your morning off on the right foot. Complex carbohydrates like steel-cut oats, whole wheat bread and quinoa provide energy-sustaining nutrients to your body. Add a pop of flavor to oatmeal or yogurt by adding your favorite berries or fruit. To make this easy, plan and prepare breakfasts in advance.

Drink hot tea

We know that coffee is usually the hot beverage most people think of when they’re considering a morning routine, but hot tea also provides a morning energy boost. The caffeine in tea affects your body gradually, helping to sustain the energy boost. Tea can also help reduce stress. It contains beneficial antioxidants and can help with intestinal therapy. Our family dentist in Scotts Valley recommends not adding sugar to your morning tea, not only because sugar can give a quick boost of energy followed by a “falling out” feeling, but also because sugar increases the bacteria in your mouth that leads to tooth decay. Also, remember that tea can stain teeth just like coffee does, so it’s important to brush your teeth after drinking tea.


Daily movement can boost your energy and mood. Exercises don’t have to be strenuous. They can even consist of simple stretches just to get your body warmed up to move. Short bursts of activity first thing in the morning — such as running in place, jumping jacks, push-ups, squats or sit-ups — can provide an energy boost, too.


Meditation is unique to each individual person and can come in many forms, but the end goal is the same: to clear your mind before beginning your day. Starting the day with meditation can increase energy levels and help a person be more productive throughout the day. Whether you practice deep breathing, focus on a still object in the room or listen to meditation music to relax your mind, meditation could give you a refreshing, natural energy boost.

Get more sleep

If you feel groggy or unmotivated during the day, it could be because you aren’t getting adequate sleep. Your body needs rest to function properly. Establishing a consistent sleep schedule can help regulate sleep patterns. Refrain from consuming caffeine, reading on your cell phone or using the computer for at least an hour before bed to help your brain relax and prepare for sleep.

If you have a routine sleep schedule but still wake up tired, it could be that you have an undiagnosed condition called sleep apnea, a sleep-breathing disorder that involves the airway becoming blocked at night, resulting in sleep disruptions. A disruption in your sleep pattern reduces the time your body spends in restorative sleep, and this can result in a feeling of fatigue or lack of focus during the day. Our dentists in Los Gatos specialize in diagnosing sleep apnea and also work with patients on treatments to help.


No one wants to wake up tired with a whole day of tasks and activities to tackle ahead of them. Apply some of the tips above to help start — and end — your day with more energy. If you have applied all the tips and still seem to be waking up drained, contact our team at Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry so we can discuss the possibility that you’re struggling with sleep apnea. Call us at (831) 824-5111, or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation today.