Is There Such a Thing as Correct Tongue Posture?

tongue posture

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Maintaining good posture when standing or sitting helps you stay balanced and lessens back discomfort. However, excellent posture is vital for more than your spine. Maintaining a healthy tongue posture is also crucial since it influences your speech, tooth alignment, and facial structure. Our Scotts Valley family dentists at Ebrahimian […]

Tips on Finding the Best Implant Dentist in Scotts Valley

Categories: Dental Implants
implant dentist

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Dental implants are a long-term tooth replacement alternative that uses cutting-edge technology to repair your smile and safeguard your dental health. In addition, dental implants can improve oral health by restoring teeth and jawbone aesthetics and function. With such advantages, you want to guarantee that your dental implant process is […]

How Scotts Valley Dentists Help you Stop Snoring

Categories: Sleep Disorders

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Restful sleep is crucial for good overall health. Unfortunately, sleep apnea sufferers have trouble sleeping through the night. In addition, many people with sleep apnea are unaware of their condition. As a result, sleep apnea may cause you to wake up tired and grumpy. Scotts Valley sleep apnea dentists can […]

How does Thumb-Sucking Impact your Child’s Oral Health?

thumb sucking

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Parents worry about their children’s thumb-sucking habits. Concerned parents want to know how thumb-sucking affects oral health and how to stop it. Thumb-sucking is a natural habit that babies use as a means of self-soothing. Fortunately, according to the American Dental Association, most children stop between ages two and four. […]

What to do if your Brackets Break

Categories: Orthodontics
broken bracket

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA No matter where you are when your braces break, it can throw you for a loop and may create panic. Broken or loose brackets can loosen and reduce your orthodontic treatment effectiveness and can sometimes create oral injuries or pain. Our Santa Cruz family dentists expect the occasional broken wire […]

Is your Smile Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Categories: Oral Health
valentines smile

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to show others that you love and care for them. So whether you go out on a fancy date or stay home in the comfort of your home with a glass of wine, you want to make sure you look your best and have […]

What Causes Jaw Pain in the Morning?

Categories: TMJ/TMD
jaw pain

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA You probably already know that sleeping in an awkward posture might leave you with a stiff back or neck when you wake up. But did you know that it’s also possible to wake up with a painful jaw? If you are suffering from painful sensations in your jaw, neck, head, […]

Can you get Cavities if you have Veneers?

Categories: Oral Health
cavities and veneers

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry method, so learning as much as possible about them is crucial if you’re considering them to enhance your smile. Since veneers are often considered a permanent treatment, it’s important to carefully explore all of your options before committing to them. Dentists use veneers, […]

What Scotts Valley Dentists know about Tongue-Ties

Categories: Tongue Tie
tongue tie

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Many parents either don’t know what a tongue tie is, or they went to a trustworthy physician for help and didn’t hear anything about it or warnings about the risks of having the tongue tie loosened. Unfortunately, many parents are left without answers about their child’s inability to eat or […]

How your Misaligned Teeth Could be Blamed for your Jaw Pain

Categories: General Dentistry
jaw pain

SANTA CRUZ, SCOTTS VALLEY CA Many people, whether young or old, suffer from crooked teeth. Every year, orthodontists install braces on millions of patients to straighten crooked teeth and address bites that might cause ongoing problems. Having teeth that aren’t properly aligned may have serious, long-term effects on your health, and it’s important to address this […]